Back of the House: Côco Louco Brasil 

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Côco Louco Brasil in the Central West End possesses a certain madcap energy, most of which belongs to owner and chef Jorge Carvalho. Read Ian Froeb's review, "Life is Carnaval." All photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
OF 20
Owner Jorge Carvalho.
Picanha churrasco. Picanha is "Brazilian-cut steak," according to the menu; the underrated cut top sirloin is an American equivalent.
Cooking the caldeirada do mar, which is the fish of the day with shrimp, scallops, mussels and fresh herbs in a coconut milk broth. It's served with rice and vegetables.
What the dining room looked like in the 1920s, as the Pierce-Arrow Motor Company showroom.
Manager Sergio Correia with server Grazielly Pochico.
The Red Snapper, which was the special of the day.
Bartender Regina Bancher with the caldeirada do mar.
The caipirinha, served in coconut cups is made with limes, sugar and cachaca over ice.
Grazielly Pochico and staff with the the red snapper special of the day.
Making a caipirinha, a refreshing cocktail of cachaça, lime and sugar, and the official drink of Brazil, served in a coconut.
The interior, with server Noami Rivera.
Picanha churrasco, served by Grazielly Pochico.
The interior at Côco Louco Brasil.
Côco Louco Brasil, located in in the Central West End.
Picanha churrasco.
Côco Louco Brasil.
The panela de barro in which the caldeirada do mar is served.
Picanha churrasco and caldeirada do mar.
Owner Jorge Carvalho.