Austin High

Rated NR 98 minutes

Austin High is a coming of age film both for a very unique city deep in the heart of Texas, known for decades as a slacker town and the mecca for all things weird, and for a wacky cast of characters who have enjoyed its laid-back acceptance all their lives. Initially shaken by the threat of a citywide crackdown on marijuana, which escalates into a full-on 'War on Weird', Principal Samuel Wilson and the rest of the blazed faculty, students, and staff of Ladybird High School must all shake off their slacker demons and find the courage to stand up and fight before the city they love is stripped of its essence and turned into the next great American strip mall of beige consumerist comfort.

Film Credits

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Director: Alan Deutsch

Writer: Michael S. Wilson and Kirk C. Johnson

Cast: Michael S. Wilson, Bill Wise, Melinda Y. Cohen, Byron Brown and Brently Heilbron

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