August Evening

Rated PG-13 135 minutes

The lives of an aging, undocumented farm worker named Jaime and his young, widowed daughter-in-law, Lupe, are thrown into upheaval. Lupe is more of a daughter toJaime than his own children, and the two hope to stick together--but change is inevitable. As the rural Texas life they've known quickly disappears, Jaime and Lupe make their way to San Antonio, where they spend time living with the families of Jaime's surviving son, Victor, and his daughter, Alice. They strive to fit in but have difficulty relating, and tensions eventually build in each home. Victor introduces Lupe to a young butcher named Luis, and as their relationship develops, she is confronted with the idea of a life apart from her father-in-law. Both Jaime and Lupe recognize that their paths cannot remain the same indefinitely. Jaime's health is weakening, but he is determined to make his daughter-in-law start her own life, and Lupe is torn between a possible future with Luis and her desire to continue caring for Jaime.

Film Credits

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Director: Chris Eska

Writer: Chris Eska

Producer: Connie Hill

Cast: Abel Becerra, Jeremy Becerra, Pedro Castaneda, Cesar Flores, Raquel Gavia, Veronica Loren, Walter Perez, Sandra Rios, Grisel Rodriguez and Tom Spry

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