Appointment in Bray (Rendez-vous a Bray)

Rated NR 90 minutes

Set in France in 1917, this film is about non-combatant pianist Julien (Mathieu Carriere) and the numerous efforts of his friend Jacques (Roger Van Hool), a military flier, to come to his aid, both in terms of finding concert opportunities and in arranging romantic assignations. At the film's opening, Julien has received a telegram inviting him to visit Jacques at his country estate. When he arrives, Jacques is absent, but Julien manages to take the servant girl to bed with him. He leaves without ever seeing Jacques. On another occasion, Jacques arranges an opportunity for Julien to play at a rich man's dinner party, an offer that Julien turns down.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Andre Delvaux

Writer: Julien Gracq

Cast: Anna Karina, Mathieu Carrière, Roger Van Hool, Bulle Ogier, Boby Lapointe, Pierre Vernier, Luce Garcia-Ville, Nella Bielski, Pierre Lampe and Jean Aron

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