Another Day in Paradise

Rated R 99 minutes 1998

'Another Day in Paradise' follows the exploits of Bobbie, a teenage runaway and thief who is happy making money the hard way -- stealing it by breaking into vending machines. He is approached by the funny and charismatic uncle of a drug buddy, Mel. Mel offers to bring Bobbie into the big-time of larceny. Mel persuades Bobbie to leave behind his nickel-and-dime heists with the premise of a big score in another town. Bobbie then takes his girlfriend Rosie with him on the business trip with Uncle Mel. Mel takes his girlfriend and partner, a beautiful heroin addict named Sidney. Sid is Bonnie to Mel's Clyde, but in this case, Bonnie and Clyde are a little later in their years, still looking for the big score.

Film Credits

Director: Larry Clark

Writer: Stephen Chin, Christopher B. Landon and Eddie Little

Producer: James Woods, Larry Clark and Stephen Chin

Cast: James Woods, Melanie Griffith, Vincent Kartheiser, Natasha Wagner and Peter Sarsgaard

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