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Andrew W.K. with Most Precious Blood

Thursday, December 5; Pop's


"Write what you know" is the sage advice of writing coaches everywhere, and it's advice that Andrew W.K. has taken to heart. You can tell just by a quick scan of his song titles: "It's Time to Party," "Party Hard," "Party 'Til You Puke."

In rock & roll (and, unfortunately, politics, it seems), single-mindedness is no sin. W.K. drills his message home with the simplicity and fervor of a man whose stump speech can be reduced to a single phrase repeated over and over -- albeit, in his case, one that's accompanied by a rock band with amps cranked to eleven. Instead of the moronic rubber-stamping bunch that we're about to send to Washington, would that we'd elected someone like W.K., whose platform included such planks as "Take It Off," "Got to Do It" and "Don't Stop Living in the Red."

"I Get Wet," W.K.'s debut album, released earlier this year, wasn't the across-the-board smash one might have expected from the funniest and most enjoyable testosterone fest this side of your old Slade records. But that hasn't slowed down the erstwhile classical-piano student a bit. His latest single is "We Want Fun," from, appropriately enough, the Jackass soundtrack.