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André Rieu

Wednesday, April 26, at 8 p.m. Savvis Center (1401 Clark Avenue).


Most classical-music purists — y'know, those stuffy ol' snobs — have little use for André Rieu, the charismatic 56-year-old Dutch violinist and conductor who's created a worldwide stir as the "Waltz King of Europe." That's because his performances, during which he leads the 43-member Johann Strauss Orchestra, are spectacles of near-circus-like proportions: Ornate costumes, dramatic lighting, big video screens, balloons and even pyrotechnic displays are all staples of the show, as is Rieu's humorous rapport with the audience. But fear not, those of you who think this makes Rieu classical music's John Tesh — he's charming, not cheesy, and his players are seriously able, traditional interpreters of Strauss, Puccini, Brahms and others.