Rated NR 2008

Rebecca Barnes-Cabot used to be a twin. She and her sister Rosie went to stay with their alcoholic and sometimes abusive grandfather after their mother's death. When they were ten-years-old, Rosie went missing and never returned. It has long been suspected that their grandfather, Meryl Barnes was responsible for little Rosie's disappearance. Meryl Barnes has died and Rebecca, recently separated with her husband, is headed back to the place she spent her dark childhood. The last place she remembers seeing her twin sister alive. She plans only to stay long enough to bury her grandfather and to settle his estate. Almost immediately the family begins to experience strange events.

Film Credits

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Director: Rocky Costanzo

Writer: Lisa Costanzo

Producer: Chris Wolcott

Cast: Amy Tiehel, Alec Hogan, Stephanie Hullar, Jesse Buschini, Noel Gugliemi, Michael Q. Schmidt, Rob Lanza, Marshal Hilton, Susanna Vilen and Tina D'Marco



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