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Amazing Facts & Beyond! The End



This week's episode of Amazing Facts & Beyond! is indeed the finale, and we bid our friend Leon Beyond a fond farewell. Having drawn the comic for more than five years, Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch have decided to move on. We at RFT are grateful to the duo (with their sometimes pinch-hitting USS Catastrophe compadre, Ted May) for a fabulous run and an impressive and entertaining collection of work. We consider ourselves fans.

As such, we feel you should check out Gloriana, a collection of Kevin's Glenn Ganges stories and Birdseye Bristoe, Dan's "not-so-classic yarn about a mysterious stranger in a small Midwestern town," both of which were published by Drawn & Quarterly earlier this year.


(Click here to see the full strip.)

Did You Know!?!? Go the Amazing Facts and Beyond blog to further follow the exploits of our trivial hero.