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Always De-Ice Your Walk

That's the lesson in The Man Who Came to Dinner


The only thing worse than a meddling houseguest is a meddling houseguest who's a know-it-all lecturer with a broken leg. Or so seems to be the case in the Broadway hit The Man Who Came to Dinner. After taking a spill on the icy doorstep of the Stanley home, famous but insanely pretentious man-of-the-world Sheridan Whiteside breaks his leg and moves in with the family until he heals. Ben "Guests, Like Fish, Begin to Smell After Three Days" Franklin must've been talking about this guy — Whiteside gets tangled in incidents involving both an octopus and an axe murderer. Catch the Alpha Players of Florissant's take on this American comedy classic at the Florissant Civic Center Theatre (1 Civic Center Drive, Florissant) at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday (February 3 through 11) and at 2 p.m. Sunday (February 12). Tickets are $10 to $12 and available by calling 314-921-5678 or through
Fridays, Saturdays; Sun., Feb. 12. Starts: Feb. 3. Continues through Feb. 12