"Alton Confidenital" 

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Photo outtakes from our December 11 feature, "Alton Confidential."
OF 21
Welcome to Alton, Illinois.
Mike's Ten-Pin Bartender Erika Jakich shows off her.... tattoos. While there is admittedly much flashing along the Broadway strip, Erika tells us she doesn't participate in such activity. She will admit however that she's seen more on Broadway than she did while working in a strip club.
Alton Mayor Donald Sandidge.
An Alton saloon.
Haunted Alton tour guide and barber, Wayne Hensley, in his shop in the Mineral Springs Mall, Alton, Illinois.
Argosy Casino, a rather colorful addition to the Alton skyline.
An Alton saloon.
An Alton saloon.
View from above on the Alton bluffs.
Alton rooftops.
The haunted basement swimming pool in the hotel turned mall, the Mineral Springs. Alton, Illinois.
House where Miles Davis was born. Alton, Illinois.
Robert Wadlow statue, an ode to the "Gentle Giant."
Alton's former Masonic temple, a building that now hosts a saloon of its own on the ground floor.
Clark Bridge connecting Alton, Illinois to Missouri.
Alton's historic Civil War era military prison wall.
Elijah P. Lovejoy Memorial in Alton's city cemetery.
An Alton saloon.
A former Alton saloon.
Our cover model - Kellee Baker...
...An Alton girl at heart (if not by zip code).
Welcome to Alton, Illinois.