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All Hail Lunch!

The midday meal's time has arrived


Lunch has to be the most underappreciated meal of the day. People are always touting the importance of a good breakfast, and no parent has ever threatened to send a kid to bed without lunch. But as a hardcore meal-appreciator, Ms. Day knows the value of a good lunch — after all, how is she supposed to write all these brilliantly witty stories for you without some of that midday-meal magic (and the two-hour nap that often follows)? The answer is simple: She couldn't do it, so why do you think you can? It's time to shed your two-meal lifestyle and head to the Southroads Dierbergs (12420 Tesson Ferry Road; 314-849-3698 or — incidentally, a charter member of Day's meal-appreciation group — for a Let's Do Lunch event today at 11:30 a.m. For just $15 you get to learn how to make a yummy lunch, and then you get to eat a yummy lunch! Hooray! Spinach-and-mushroom turnovers, fruit salad supreme and raspberry streusel muffins, here we come! (Right after we call 636-812-1336 to register for the oft-offered and sometimes-sold-out class.)
Thu., April 20