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All-American Rejects

8 p.m. Thursday, December 21. The Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard).


The All-American Rejects tilt heavily to the pop side of power-pop, meaning that they're one of those bands that all the kiddos like. But despite this sold-out St. Louis tour date, they still don't seem like an oh-my-Gawd-gotta-get-front-row-tix favorite. Could it be that radio hits such as "Swing, Swing," "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along" are the best cuts from their respective albums? Could it be that the band's guitar-heavy verses and catchy choruses are far more interesting than their relationship-woe lyrics? Or could it be that frontman Tyson Ritter is far too pretty to be taken seriously (call it 30 Seconds to Mars syndrome)? From fist-pumping rockers to the occasional orchestra ballad, though, the Oklahoma quartet always keeps the energy running high, even if it's impossible to figure out exactly where all that energy should be focused.