Agata and the Storm (Agata e la tempesta)

Rated NR 124 minutes 2004

Agata finds out that her brother, Gustavo, isn't really her brother after all. She decides to follow him to a small strange town where Romeo, Gustavo's real brother, lives. Agata owns Genoa's best book store, a place where the staff dispenses the merchandise as if it was balm for the soul. Repeat customer Nicola, a handsome married man, falls for Agata and an explosive affair ensues. Meanwhile, the discovery that he was actually adopted leads Agata's architect brother Gustavo to a life crisis of his own. Gustavo learns the truth from his younger half-brother Romeo, a talented clothing designer and incorrigible womanizer. As the emotional storm brewing in her own life upsets her self-reliance, Agata sees the surge of her feelings mirrored in nature.

Film Credits

Director: Silvio Soldini

Writer: Doriana Leondeff and Francesco Piccolo

Producer: Roberto Cicutto, Luigi Musini and Tiziana Soudani

Cast: Licia Maglietta, Giuseppe Battiston, Emilio Solfrizzi, Marina Massironi and Claudio Santamaria

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