After This Our Exile (Fu zi)

Rated NR 150 minutes

This film portrays the relationship between Dad and Boy, an eternal tale of Father and Son. Addicted to gambling, Dad eventually loses Mom who runs away for a new life, leaving Boy behind. Dad sinks further into gambling debts and drags Boy in. Upset by Dad's new romance, Boy tries to turn to Mom but only to find Mom remarried and expecting a child. Deeply hurt, Boy goes back to stay with Dad. Without means to repay the gambling debts, they can only steal their way out. Boy ends up in custody in an orphanage. Dad comes to visit him months later and tries to beg for Boy's forgiveness. As if a sign of reconciliation, Boy asks Dad to come closer to him and all of a sudden he sinks his teeth in Dad's ear. Dad tries to tear away. The two struggle in pain and hysteria. Years later, Boy, now a young man, tries to look for Dad. He sees an old man at a distance one day, who could be Dad

Film Credits

Director: Patrick Tam

Writer: Patrick Tam and Kai-Leong Tian

Producer: Li-kuang Chiu

Cast: Aaron Kwok, Charlie Yeung, Kelly Lin, Hailu Qin, Valen Hsu, King-to Ng, Lester Chit-Man Chan, Hsin-mei Lan, Allen Lin and Hao Qin

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