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No, not that kind


What's the appropriate age to cease getting dressed up and going out for Halloween? The answer is never, of course. Maybe you shouldn't trick-or-treat once you're old enough to drink (quick aside: Airplane bottles of booze would be the perfect treat for those who persist), but there's no reason you can't have a more adult experience in costume. The Central West End Halloween Party ( encourages such behavior, in fact. Oh, sure, there's the free children's costume parade (at 11 a.m.; meet at McPherson and Euclid avenues), and the costume parade for dogs and their owners (at 1 p.m.), but the big show is the adult costume contest and party (at 8 p.m. at Maryland and Euclid avenues). Widely known for the risky and risqué costumes of the participants ($20 entry fee, free to watch), the adult contest doesn't demand that you slut it up — maybe just tart it up — but it's definitely not the place for kids.
Sat., Oct. 25, 2008