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Actually, They Know They Can Dance


Washington University's dance faculty invites you to stop by and check out what's going down in the Performing Arts Department Dance Program at the biennial Dance Closeup. Judging from the performance schedule, "what's going down" is a little bit of everything. Adjunct instructor Asha Prem performs the classical Indian dance Nada Tanu Manisham; Estella and Randy Ruzicka, also adjunct instructors (and founders of the St. Louis Tango Society), flash a little tango and rumba to the music of the Mancini Orchestra; Dawn Karlovsky dances Tracings, a piece inspired by Japanese calligraphy and performed to a Tory Z. Starbuck original score. In addition to these traditional forms, David Marchant presents the futuristic, multimedia piece Leonardo's Chimes. As Marchant moves through an electronic field, his body triggers pre-recorded sounds created by composer John Toenjes. Depending on how Marchant moves once he's in this motion-tracking field, Leonardo's Chimes changes in pitch and tone to create a new and spontaneous music for each performance. The Dance Closeup is performed at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, with an additional 5 p.m. performance on Saturday (September 7 through 9) at Washington University's Annelise Mertz Dance Studio (room 207 of the Mallinckrodt Student Center, 6445 Forsyth Boulevard; 314-935-6543). Tickets are $10 to $17, or $6 if you're comfortable sitting on a floor mat, up close to the action.
Sept. 7-9