Actor for Hire

Rated NR 90 minutes

Aspiring actor Jesse thinks he's not landing parts because he's bald. After several failed auditions he decides to cover his bald head with a wig, hea back out to the auditioning chopping block and give it a fresh new go. He immediately books a small role on TV pilet "Between the Waves", giving full credit to his newly discovered persona. Between juggling his personal life, which includes a cheating girlfriend and a missing roommate to keeping a grip on his career, where he accidentally befriends a heartbroken celebrity on the rise, Jesse realizes his true desire isn't to be an actor. It's to be a movie star.

Film Credits

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Director: Marcus Mizelle

Writer: Marcus Mizelle

Cast: Jesse C. Boyd, Brittany Renee Finamore, Hollie Shay, Cynthia Bravo, Najee De-Tiege, Richard Chiu, Theresa Ireland, Talbott Lin, Jandres Burgos and Kim Hamilton

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