Rated NR 88 minutes 2009

Somewhere between Asia and Europe lies the god-forsaken desert village of Absurdistan, which a grand total of 14 families somehow manage to call home. For the village, the biggest problem is water--but for the village women, the biggest problem is their lazy men, who won't lift a finger to remedy the situation.Here, the young Aya and Temelko, friends since birth, have reached the age where their friendship has turned to love. Unfortunately, the date that Aya's grandmother has determined to be ideal for their "first time" lies 4 years in the future, and to make matters worse, they must first bathe together. When Aya stubbornly tells Temelko that he must solve the water problem before he can come anywhere near her, the village women also take up the cry "No water, no sex," leaving the good-for-nothing menscratching their empty heads. Soon a crazy war of the sexes breaks out and they divide the town in half with barbed wire.

Film Credits

Director: Veit Helmer

Writer: Zaza Buadze and Veit Helmer

Producer: Veit Helmer

Cast: Kristyna Malérová, Max Mauff, Blagoja Spirkovski-Dzumerko, Hendrik Arnst, Ilko Stefanovski, Otto Kuhnle, Azelarab Kaghat, Suzana Petricevic, Olga Nefjodova and Dace Bonate

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