A Wonderful World (Un mundo maravilloso)

Rated NR 118 minutes

A simple homeless man in search of a warm place to sleep is exploited by politicians eager to prove that poverty in Mexico has been eradicated in Herod's Law director Luis Estrada's caustic satire concerning the effect of globalization on Mexican citizens. A press conference has been held to proclaim that there are no more poor people in Mexico, but homeless Juan Perez (Herod's Law star Damian Alcazar) still can't seem to find a place to rest his weary head. After wandering into the World Financial Center headquarters and ending up on an elevated window ledge, Juan awakens to find that the public and press assume he is making a political statement against the powerful institution's neo-liberal stance. As Juan is swept up by the political machine that remains unwilling to admit to their claims of conquering poverty may have been made in haste, the wandering tramp is given a spotless home in the suburbs and thrust into the international spotlight. But fame is a fickle thing in the 21st Century, and rising to the top only means that one has farther to fall when the next media distraction takes center stage.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Official Site: www.unmundomaravilloso.com

Director: Luis Estrada

Writer: Luis Estrada and Jaime Sampietro

Producer: Luis Estrada

Cast: Damian Alcazar, Martin Altomaro, Noe Alvarado, Carlos Arau and Pedro Armendariz Jr.

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