A Tour of the Future Home of KDHX 

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KDHX executive director Beverly Hacker gave RFT a tour of the station's future home in Grand Center. Here's a look at the raw space that will one day be the Larry J. Weir Center for Independent Media. Photos by Tom Carlson.

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OF 19
The future home of KDHX (88.1 FM) in Grand Center.
An anonymous donor gifted the building to KDHX in honor of former operations manager Larry J. Weir.
The front room of the Weir Center will be a coffee shop and bar.
Renovations to the building are still in the early stages.
The space formerly occupied by the Creepy Crawl will host shows, theater productions and movie screenings.
KDHX Marketing Director Chris Ward stands with RFT Music Editor facing where the stage will be.
From the front coffee shop/bar, facing back into the venue.
Graffiti left over from the building's past life as the Creepy Crawl.
The second floor of the Weir Center was previously an artist's loft.
The studios and editing stations will be on the building's second floor.
The front half of the building is supported by conventional support beams -- the ceiling in the newer back expansion is suspended on cables.
KDHX plans to leave the building's unique structural details exposed.
The newly built stairwell is flipped 180 degrees from the old one.
The third and fourth floors of the new Weir Center will house the KDHX offices.
Another view of the building's cable suspension system.
Pending the public portion of at $3.25 million capital campaign, KDHX will move into the new building in late spring or early summer 2013.
Another view of the new stairwell.
The third and fourth floors of the building were last used as apartments.
The view from the sidewalk facing east.
The future home of KDHX (88.1 FM) in Grand Center.