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A Shot of the Hard Stuff

Palahniuk on porn


So much of what Chuck Palahniuk writes is unprintable in family newsweeklies such as this one that writers have to use abstract terms like "transgressive" to describe the suck of guts that sounds in the bottom of his stories. Legend has it that when he reads his short story "Guts" (concerning graphic masturbation accidents), it makes people faint. Or vomit. But that's just the shock of the slaughter; after that, you get the real meat. Palahniuk's new book, Snuff, is about an aging porn star attempting to set a gangbang record — 600 men in one day. Palahniuk reads from Snuff at the Mad Art Gallery (2727 South 12th Street; 314-367-6731 or at 7 p.m. tonight. The first 150 people to purchase Snuff through Left Bank Books will receive a ticket allowing them to have their books signed, along with up to two other Palahniuk titles. Have fun.
Tue., May 27, 2008