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A Really Big Show


Victor Hugo didn't do things by halves. His novel Les Miserables has a huge cast of characters who keep bumping into each other through the years. Similarly, the Muny doesn't do things by halves -- it's a big stage perfect for a big show. Do you see where this is going? Les Miserables returns to the Muny for the first time since 2007, with a massive cast to handle all the melodrama. The heart of the story is ex-convict Jean Valjean, a physically powerful man who vows to protect Cosette, the daughter of a woman he failed. Together Valjean and Cosette careen through the uncertain political landscape of early nineteenth-century France, with the dogged policeman Javert always on Valjean's trail. It's a stirring tale of justice and redemption, and the gulf that separates these concepts. Les Miserables is performed at 8:15 p.m. Monday through Sunday (July 15 through 21) at the Muny in Forest Park (314-361-1900 or Tickets are $12 to $80.
July 15-21, 2013