A Pre-Dawn Line for Donuts (Not Cronuts) 

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A crowd of doughnut-craving St. Louisans began lining up at 4:30 a.m. for Strange Donuts' much-anticipated opening this morning. Gut Check photographer and reporter-on-the-scene Jon Gitchoff says the line of more than 100 wound down Sutton Boulevard and reached past Saratoga Lanes before dawn broke. Keep reading: Strange Donuts' 6 a.m. Opening Draws Crowd of Over 100

Photos by Jon Gitchoff for the Riverfront Times
OF 34
Jason Bockman, left, and Tyler Fenwick, right, work in the kitchen as patrons begin lining up outside Strange Donuts.
The classic glazed donut.
Co-owner Corey Smale checks out a customer as other customers browse the display case.
Mallory Scholten, Sarah Haas and Emily Roig of Maplewood. "We heard about them at the Maplewood Coffee Crawl earlier in the year."
The Bart's Revenge donut which is chocolate with a Butterfingers topping.
Amelia Tufts works with some dough in the kitchen as patrons line up outside before Strange Donuts opens. 
A raspberry-filled donut topped with powdered sugar.
The free t-shirt that was given away to the first 25 customers on Strange Donuts opening day.
The iDonut is apple & cinnamon creation donut.
Argus Keppel of St. Louis shows off his purchase of 6 Bart's Revenge and 6 campfire donuts.
The pumpkin spice classic donut.
B.J. Kraiberg, who was gave up on sleep to be here, and Jocelyn Edwards of St. Louis, "We're donut fans, gotta support the local donut culture."
The glazed chocolate donut.
Justin McMillen of St. Louis was the first person in line, he arrived at 3:30 a.m., "I want to be supportive of a local company." What donuts are going going to get? "I guess two of each."
The gooey butter donut. 
Eleanor Hill, Amanda Attarian and Cameron Carter of St. Louis, "We're here for donuts and free t-shirts (the first 25 in line received a free Strange Donuts t-shirt). Attarian added, "Donuts make me go nuts."
The first customers enter for Strange Donuts opening day.
John Flavin of Webster Groves, "Well, donuts. I like being a part of opening events." What are you going to get? "I'm going to get a Bart's Revenge for myself and take a dozen to work."
Donut enthusiasts enjoy some coffee outside before getting inside to get some donuts.
The campfire donut is made up of dark chocolate cake, graham cracker and a toasted marshmallow on top.
Terri Fenwick of St. Louis, "It's my son's donut shop." (referring to co-owner Tyler Fenwick). What are you going to get? "I'm taking two dozen into work. I just hope they still have some left."
The chocolate cookie crumble features Oreo on top.
A sampling of the Strange Donuts merchandise available for sale.
The campfire.
A look at the menu of Strange Donuts.
Michael Haffner of St. Louis, "I've been to a number of their taste tests, I knew I had to be there opening day." Valerie Haffner of St. Louis "I'm gluten free and I'm here, that's what they've done to me."
Steve Schenck of Richmond Heights enjoys a bite of the campfire donut. 
The gooey butter donut.
Kevin Chau of St. Louis, "I've been following them since National Donut Day."
Trays of donuts before they are put in the display case up front.
The pumpkin spice classic donut.
The Barry Greenberg creation is a chocolate cake, dark chocolate icing with coconut shavings.
Matthew Chulka of Maplewood, who arrived at 4 a.m. "I wanted to be one of the first to get a taste." What donuts are you going to get? Gooey Butter and Bart's Revenge. I plan on trying a few.
Steve Schenck of Richmond Heights, Mo. arrived at 4:15 a.m. "I work right around the corner, a lot of people are excited." What are you going to get? "I'm thinking the campfire."
Jason Bockman, left, and Tyler Fenwick, right, work in the kitchen as patrons begin lining up outside Strange Donuts.