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A Dozen Does It


Artist Rebecca Nagle is interested in interacting with you. Through an amalgamation of political/surrealist cabaret and avant-garde feminist performance art, Nagle challenges you and cajoles you into reassessing the boundaries between the sexes, classes, cultures, art and life. Her one-woman performance A Dozen Things I Want To Do on Stage involves twelve specific elements, but the show changes with every audience. Nagle will read aloud the secrets you anonymously write down, she'll answer any question you ask her while under the influence of truth serum, she'll read a "runaway slave" poster from 1812 and compare the obvious racism of the wording to the only slightly more subtle wording used in a contemporary crime report and she'll strip while singing "Wenn Ich Mir Was Wunschen Durfte," among other acts. Contortionism and disembowelment are also part of the entertainment. Nagle enacts A Dozen Things I Want To Do on Stage at 8 p.m. at Nancy's Place (4510 Manchester Avenue; 314-533-3699 or Tickets are $10.
Sat., Jan. 23, 2010