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A Classic Mug


Let's assume, just for the sake of discussion, that you enjoy a beer in the evening. Do you drink straight from the bottle? Perhaps you have one of those pint glasses with the painted brewery logo? That's very pedestrian of you. Look, you wanna drink like a viking, get you a viking mug. Local artist Kim Fritts makes high-quality heraldic mugs that cradle your ale as beautifully as the sky holds the stars. Each one is high-fire stoneware decorated with hand-cut stamps representing the various beasties common in medieval heraldry. Dragons, wolves, ravens, eagles, griffins — Fritts even crafts mugs wrapped with the viney magic of the mystical Green Spirit. A certain someone received a Kim Fritts mug last year, and it's become a treasured companion. (And it goes perfectly with the horned helmet.) Fritts sells her wares at the annual Craft Alliance Student/Faculty Sale, which happens to be this Saturday and Sunday (November 24 and 25) at the Craft Alliance (6640 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-725-1177 or Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, admission is free, and you should bring your checkbook because there's a plethora of handmade crafts available, and this is the season of gift-giving.
Nov. 24-25, 2007