A Borrowed Life (Duo sang)

Rated NR 167 minutes

This Taiwanese drama focuses on the strained relations between a father and son. It is set in a small mining village on the northern tip of Taiwan. This area owes it's development to Japan which once controlled it. The older residents of the town still hold the Japanese in high regard, but the post-WW II generation is contemptuous of their benefactors. This generational difference creates the conflict between the father, Sega, a miner, and son, Wen-Jian. The story is told from Wen-Jian's point of view and flashes back to three parts of Wen-Jian's life. Each part reflects upon the impact the Japanese had upon the town and his father's life.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Nien-Jen Wu

Writer: Nien-Jen Wu

Cast: Jun Fu, Ing-How Tan and Chen-Nan Tsai

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