40 Square Meters of Germany (40 Quadratmeter Deutschland)

Rated NR 80 minutes

Established as a guest worker in Germany, Dursun brings his young wife Turna from Anatolia. Scared that she'll get lost in the big city where she doesn't speak the language or know the customs, Dursun demands that she stay home all day, making Turna's experience of her new country the 40 square meters trapped between the walls of their tiny apartment. Brought up to obey men, Turna tries to adjust to her new life, her only communication with the outside world being shared gazes with a young girl who lives across the way.

Film Credits

Director: Tevfik Baser

Writer: Tevfik Baser

Cast: Özay Fecht, Yaman Okay, Demir Gökgöl, Mustafa Guelpimar, Grit Mackentanz, Marita Petersen, Reinhold Fama, Kay Miller, Monya Fribe and Grete Schildknecht

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