29 Years - Bong, Sarah, and the King

Rated NR

29 years ago, Bong, Sarah, and Dan, began sharing their young worlds in a series of documentaries produced by Susan Hadary to change attitudes of school systems, teachers and administrators, who despite newly passed laws continued to exclude children with physical disabilities from schools. Mothers, determined to ensure their children would have the same opportunities as all children, challenged a societal restraint to inclusion. Unknowingly, Bong, Sarah, and Dan were among the young pioneers who opened the doors to mainstream education. In this film, Hadary and Anglim, using archival and new footage, create a timeline of these three lives from elementary school to current day, presenting life portraits of three very unique individuals who while acknowledging their disability as part of who they are, embrace and live the mainstream life of friends, relationships, careers and happiness.

Film Credits

Official Site: 29years.com/index.html

Director: John Anglim

Producer: Susan Hannah Hadary and John Anglim

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