26 Magical Moments from Circus Flora 

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It's one of St. Louis' most beloved summertime traditions, and it's now open! Circus Flora's "One Summer on Second Street" showcases high-flying acrobats, tightrope walkers, Jazz Age musicians, talented kitties and more. Photographer Steve Truesdell was on hand for the magic. Catch the show under the big top in Grand Center through June 28.
OF 26
The Alanian Riders Cossack act.
The St. Louis Arches.
Sidney Batemen and Melvin Diggs, both St. Louis Arches grads, bend over backward for the crowd.
A member of the St. Louis Arches performs before the show.
The St. Louis Arches entertain before the show.
Maya Pafilova knows that of course you can train cats!
Kitty spots the landing.
Cecil MacKinnon as Yo-Yo the Narrator.
The Alanian Riders Cossack act.
A young fan revels in the circus.
Woosh! The St. Louis Arches.
Yo-Yo the Narrator.
Helena Valla and her pigeons.
The Arches can fly!
The Daring Jones Duo.
Bateman and Diggs.
Featured performer Adam Kuchler.
Adam Kuchler's furry friend.
The Flying Wallendas.
Adam Kuchler gets the crowd going.
Kuchler doing what he does best -- entertaining.
Adam Kuchler charms a young fan.
The Alanian Riders Cossack act.
Lots of balls -- er, pins -- in the air.
Yo-Yo the Narrator.
The Alanian Riders Cossack act.