2015 Lupulin Carnival at 4 Hands Brewing 

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The 4 Hands Brewing Company held their 4th Annual Lupulin Carnival to celebrate the release of their War Hammer Imperial IPA. On Saturday, March 28, 2015, carnival goers were able to enjoy the 40+ breweries that were present for sampling, food trucks, carnival games and sideshow acts.

Photos by Caroline Yoo for the Riverfront Times.

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OF 28
Breathing fire!
A souvenir glass for sampling the 40+ breweries at Lupulin Carnival 2015.
Elyssa and Kai.
Miranda, Erika and Kaitlyn.
Sword swallower Sally Marvel.
Performers Ally and Brittany enjoy the carnival during their break between performances.
Nicole, Eric and Ben.
Meg-a-legs smiling during her aerial performance.
Rosie Eastman puts on an aerial performance.
Christina and Mike.
4 Hands Brewing Company's bartenders were busy trying to fill carnival goers' sample glasses with a taste of whatever beer they wanted from the tasting room.
Wes, Eric and Michelle.
Thaddeus and Steve.
Thomas Johnson and Meg-a-legs pose for a photo on their stilts.
Travis Detritus only takes tips if you staple them to him.
Fortunes and tarot card readings were available during the carnival.
Patti and Terry.
Madeline and Melissa.
Terry Bates sets his daggers on fire and gets ready for his performance.
Terry Bates, blindfolded, throws daggers at his assistant Stephanie Dinges.
The 4 Hands Brewing Company tasting room underwent renovations for the 2015 Lupulin Carnival.
Bell's Brewery, one of the 40+ breweries at the 2015 Lupulin Carnival, fills a sample glass with beer.
Taylor and Brandon.
Theresa and David.
Derek, Katie and Rachel.
Nate, Michael, John and Kwin.
Sally Marvel, the grinder girl.
Sally Marvel puts a flaming baton in her mouth.
Breathing fire!