2010 PrideFest Parade 

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The annual St. Louis Pride parade made its way down South Grand on Sunday, as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community -- and their straight allies -- not only partied, but raised awareness about their community's causes, and both social and political. Photographs and captions by Steve Truesdell.
OF 65
Missouri Leather Man 2010.
The heat was brutal, yet the nipples were hard.
The Navy was well represented at PrideFest.
On Sunday in Toronto, President Obama reiterated he plans to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in the U.S. military.
"Gulp! Did she say 'strap-on tool?'"
Girls from Wonderland.
A patriotic parader marcher.
Sunday was a good day to work on one's tan.
The staff from Attitudes on Manchester.
This man was dressed as Charlton Heston from Sparticus, it's tough to tell.
Parade MC and Vital Voice publisher Darin Slyman
What's a parade without at least one dog in shades?
Coolest facial hair of the day.
Carmen Miranda hats were everywhere.
The Wizard of Oz Float at a Gay Parade? Who knew?
"Viagara and young men! Makes your hair stand tall!"
She's dressed as Robin, Batman's sidekick and boy wonder.
The Gateway Men's Chorus.
Drag Queen or Condoleezza Rice impersonator?
The Roller Hockey girls of MoKabe's.
A Cheerleader from KC Bar-B-Q cheers through the parade.
Young boy wears Prince-meets-Flock of Seagulls haircut while flashing the Gay Scissors Mafia sign.
Could this be a contestant in an unofficial Sarah Palin look-a-like contest? Maybe.
Sweat was evident wherever you looked.
Cyller, King of Pride 2010.
The Queen of Novak's on Manchester.
"Pridefest or Schwagstock?"

"We're partying."
Another contestant in the unofficial Sarah Palin look a like contest?
Went in as a caterpillar, emerged as a beautiful butterfly!
"Tell Batman it's time to leave the closet!"
The Arch Rival Roller Girls.