20 Weird Works of Alice in Wonderland 

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"Alice," the art show that showcased artists' strange, dark takes on the classic children's book, was held on April 16, 2010 at the Koken Art Factory in South St. Louis. Photos by Crystal Rolfe
OF 31
This surreal acrylic painting titled "Alice" really got a lot of attention for artist Robert Tapley Bustamante and was selling for $1,600.
This acrylic painting by Angie Meuth is simply titled "Alice."  As with most of her work, this was painted on cardboard and was selling for $350.
Here is a dreamlike acrylic painting of Alice titled "Through the Looking Glass" done by Evelyn Astegno.
Here is a charcoal drawing of Alice and the White Rabbit titled "Ask Alice," which was selling for $675.
Two Alices: Kortney Hogan and Michelle Schaeffer show off their style.
"Tea Time" is a digital painting done by Alexandra Hage.
The Mad Hatter strikes a pose.
"Mad Youth" is a beautiful piece created by Max Iver and was selling for $500.
Shanna Lawson models fashions designed by Ami Amore.
This colorful painting titled "Off With Her Head" shows the fun, playful style of Craig Downs.
Human Art artists Dason Van Oppen and Jessica Dana boldly show off their unique art using model Brooke Lauren as their canvas.
"Chocolate Kitty" by Jim Trotter was selling for $395.
"In" "Out" "And About" are 3 huge paintings showing a more dreamlike Wonderland and were submitted by artist Bradley Pipkin.
This is a very sweet acrylic painting titled "Wonder" and was submitted by Brenna Vaughn.
This little ceramic girl is part of a series of statues that Shannon Piwowarczyk feels are a reflection of her inner self which she titled "Come Play." It was selling for $300, stand included.
Shawn Gaston experiments with the art deco style, and submitted "White Rabbit" that is one of a series of three. This was a digital painting using a tablet and sold that night for $150.
"TRUST NO ONE ALICE" was a darker interpretation of Alice's story painted by Tony Bigford.
Here is a set of digital paintings done by Jane Van Der Kuil entitled "The Red Queen" and "White Rabbit."
Dason Van Oppen and model Brooke Lauren.
"Confabulations," a beautiful, strange oil painting, was done by Bettsvando and was selling for $150.
Brooke Lauren a human canvas.
This huge oil painting by Christa G. Denney was titled "Eat Me" and was selling for $1,000.
Here we have a mixed media drawing, "Studies on the White Rabbit," submitted by Dallas Moses that was selling for $100.
This surrealistic shadowbox art, titled "White Rabbit's Vignettes of Wonderland" was created by the talented hands of Ami Amore' using bits of pieces of dead animals and other odds and ends.
Gina Simon shows off her digital style with these pieces titled "Queen of Hearts" and "Mad."
"Queen Clubs," assembled by artist Rich Brooks.
Ami Amore's balancing tea cup routine.
Alexandra Hage with "Tea Time."
Rich Brooks showing off his mad art.
Rich Brooks and just Dave.
This surreal acrylic painting titled "Alice" really got a lot of attention for artist Robert Tapley Bustamante and was selling for $1,600.