20 Top Pics From the RFT Music Showcase 

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All day Saturday, the city's best acts and biggest fans swarmed the Grove for the RFT Music Showcase. With more than 80 bands across ten-plus venues, it wasn't easy capturing all of the action, but photographers R.J. Hartbeck and Mike Romer came back with some awesome images. Here's what you missed.
OF 20
Black Fast shreds the stage at the Demo for the RFT Music Showcase 2015.
Indiana Rome keeps the crowd hyped at Atomic Cowboy.
Bug Chaser shreds the stage at Atomic Cowboy.
Muhammad Mvstermind Austin of MME at Ready Room.
Doorway preps Heir Jordan for his performance during their set at Ready Room.
Members of We Bite unload stage equipment from a hearse before their show.
Cami takes a break from the festivities.
DJ Kimmy Nu checks out the MME show at Ready Room after her set with Indiana Rome.
Impromptu crab races? Why not!
Arshad Goods at the Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy.
Franco preps for his set with rapper Con late night at Ready Room.
Jeremy Schwartz provides Pedicab services between venues for the showcase.
Hot-dog vendors on Manchester provide concertgoers fuel to keep partying.
The Domino Effect at Atomic Cowboy.
The Domino Effect play a live set at the outdoor stage at Atomic Cowboy.
Randy Vines of STL Style takes in a show at Atomic Cowboy.
Patrick Brown takes in a show at Ready Room.
Rori Spivey outside the Ready Room after a high energy performance.
Megan Mafucci poses for a portrait outside The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy.
Ciej of MME turns up the crowd late night at The Ready Room.
Black Fast shreds the stage at the Demo for the RFT Music Showcase 2015.