13 Homemade "Sorry We're Closed" Signs 

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We've all been unexpectedly greeted with one of these handwritten signs when we try to visit our favorite restaurant, bar, grocery store or any business that's not a 24-hour mega-center. The reasons for the unexpected closure vary -- tragedy, joy, or laziness -- as does the spelling, but the personalities of the employees are as pungent on these signs as the smell of a Sharpie marker.
OF 13
This has been dubbed the "Best Closed Sign Ever." It is pretty good.
Spotted by our friends at Daily Fork, closing for bacon is a pretty good excuse.
This business at least had a sense of humor about its apparent bad reason for closing.
This sign was posted after the recent death of Ahmed Eltawmi, 50, who owned the Gyro House in the Delmar Loop. Eltawmi was shot and killed on June 4, 2010 outside his apartment in Maplewood. Customers, family and friends placed flowers next at the foot of the door outside the business. Read more about this story.
While not handwritten, this homemade sign in Chicago is sure to draw a few curious looks. More info about this sign can be found here.
The joyous sign posted inside the door at Al-Tarboush Deli, also in the Delmar Loop. As you can see, the restaurant extended its hours, so it's good they still know when to take an important day off work.
For the uniformed, can someone explain what constitutes "surf damage"?
After 50 years in business, you'd be wise to overlook Gene (or Jo's) misspelling.
In St. Louis, our Holliday is pretty decent. He at least gets paid well.
Hold your breath! The proprietors of this business were obviously in a hurry to get out because of the "carbon of monoxid."
Customers replied to the closing news in a variety of ways on this sign.
Some on-sign editing.
Everybody needs a little time off.
This has been dubbed the "Best Closed Sign Ever." It is pretty good.