Watch Irish People Experience the Pain and Pleasure of Red Hot Riplets


Feeling the burn, boyo? - SCREENSHOT VIA YOUTUBE
  • Feeling the burn, boyo?

Somewhere out east, there's a interesting little island named Ireland, and recently a few lucky denizens got to experience something that even the land of Guinness and Joyce doesn't have: Red Hot Riplets.

In a YouTube video released last week titled "Irish People Try St.Louis American Snacks," six hosts of the online series "Irish People Try ___" tore into a care package of four snacks made by St. Louis company Old Vienna.

And you know what? The Irish really liked our junk food! Although they insisted on calling them "crisps" and not one of the hosts dumped the dregs of the bag onto the face of a sandwich. Amateurs!

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In their defense, one of the hosts disclosed mid-snacking that he had embarked on this experiment whilst "deathly hungover," so we can't be too hard on him, since that is oh so very St. Louis.

It's worth noting that the professedly hungover host, Sean MacGabhann, wound up having a ... bit of time with the hotness of St. Louis's reddest and hottest "crisp." In the video, he falls prey to a coughing fit, and then, inevitably, tears.

In the end, the Irish hosts ranked the original "Red Hot" style above the other Old Vienna snacks, with the remaining three ranked at second place for Southern Style BBQ chips, third for Hot Corn and fourth for Crunchy Nuggets, whose flavor is described as retaining a "tang of feet."

Interestingly, this isn't the first time the Irish-centric YouTube channel, The TRY Channel, has featured our particular neck of the Midwest. In May, the channel released "Irish People Try Missouri Craft Beers," which featured A) a consensus around Abbey Ale and B) some delightful new ways to pronounce "Missouri."

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