Man Driving With a Jack in Place of a Tire Is the Most St. Louis Thing Ever


  • screengrab from the video uploaded by Derk Brown

We’ve heard of carjackings happening in St. Louis, but nothing like this. Check out this guy who was caught on camera earlier this week just low-key driving his vehicle down the road with a jack in place of a front tire.

The video starts with two gentlemen warning you about what you’re about to witness. By the time you hear them say “only in St. Louis,” you know that whatever they’re about to roll up on is going to be hilarious.

The clip appears to have been taken on St. Louis Avenue, which matches the director’s local drawl when he says the guy had “a jack on the motherfuckin’ tyyyyre.” The videographers start cracking up as they overtake the hobbled automobile. One guy asks the other, “What the fuck was that?”

The classic response? "Only in the Lou, yo.”

The video has been up on Facebook since Sunday and has more than 100,000 views, so you know people have already dropped their opinions on this scene in the comments section. Some have accused the driver in question of being “rachet” while another commenter praised his resourcefulness, with “bruh he the UNLIMITED CHAMPION.” The driver also received words of sympathy and encouragement like: “Sometimes you gotta work with what you have to get what you want, young blood.”

And yet another commenter wisely pointed out: “Tows are expensive.” So true.


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