St. Peters Business Removes Star Patch, Says It's 'No Longer Relevant' Under Trump


If you're looking for this patch, it's not on Tactical Shit anymore.
  • If you're looking for this patch, it's not on Tactical Shit anymore.

The owner of Tactical Shit, a St. Peters-based business specializing in gun parts and gear, says his store will no longer sell a star patch patterned on the Holocaust-era badges worn by Jews under Nazi rule. The patches, which the Riverfront Times reported on in a story yesterday, replaced the word “Jew” with “Gun Owner.”

In an email, TJ Kirgin stressed that the "morale patch" and accompanying description — which explicitly compared the persecution of gun owners to the “systematic persecution that this star represents” — were originally created by Indiana patch seller Violent Little Machine Shop. "We sell over 1,700 different velcro backed morale patches most of which are funny or offencive [sic] in some way to somebody," he writes.

This particular patch, Kirgin explained, became popular during the height of the Obama administration. He emphasized that he's decided to stop selling it not because people were offended — but because it's no longer relevant.

Well, that and also the "religious implications."

“We have removed the patch from our site and our store and are sending our inventory back to Violent Little Machine Shop,” Kirgin wrote. “We will not make a habit out of removing products simply because they offend someone, however we are making an exception in this situation due to the religious implications and because the patch is in fact no longer relevant under the Trump Administration.”

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