Utility Payment Scam Strikes St. Louis Area


Think twice before you heed that phone call you received about your electricity being disconnected — there's a chance a scammer is on the other end of the line.

The city of Kirkwood is warning residents that a utility payment scam that's come to the St. Louis area. Scammers are posing as members of Ameren's disconnection team, calling Kirkwood Electric customers and threatening disconnection for past due balances.

The scammers then provide a working 800 number through which victims are encouraged to make payments. The problem? That 800 number is not affiliated with Kirkwood Electric or Ameren in any way.

The city encourages anyone who receives a call from the impostors during business hours to hang up immediately and call Kirkwood's utility billing office at 314-984-6944.

If such a call is received over the weekend or outside of normal business hours, those affected should contact the Kirkwood police at 314-822-58-58.

So far there is no word that the scam has spread outside of Kirkwood, though people should always be careful when giving payment information over the phone.