Demonstration Asks Missouri Electors to Vote Against Donald Trump


Missourians seeking to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office have one last, best hope: The appointed voters of the electoral college.

When Missouri's electors gather to cast their votes at the state capitol in Jefferson City on Dec. 19, a “Statewide Silent Demonstration” organized by local women will greet them, their message conveyed only with signs.

“This will be a silent demonstration to highlight how ordinary voters feel silenced when the popular vote is not aligned with the electoral vote,” a press release says.

Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million votes, though Trump handily won in Missouri.

All ten of Missouri’s electoral votes are expected to go to Trump, the Republican nominee and current president-elect. But the protesters want the electors to exercise their rarely-used constitutional powers to vote against him.

St. Louis resident Linda Sherwin, who helped organize the protest, says the aim is to encourage the electors to choose another candidate without Trump's baggage, either Clinton or a third "compromise candidate."

The demonstration will emphasize Trump’s conflicts of interest stemming from his hotel business, as well as the possibility that “hostile foreign powers” may have helped him win.

"It's important to be in front of the electors before they make their decision," Sherwin says.

Sherwin says the electors should receive a full briefing on whether Russian hackers helped Trump win the election by passing leaked documents from Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee to WikiLeaks, something the CIA has hinted they may have evidence of.

"Certainly the leaks seemed to benefit his side of the equation much more than the Democrats," Sherwin says.

The group plans to meet at the capitol building at 12:30 p.m. For more info, see its Facebook page.