Fast-Food Workers to Strike, Protest at Presidential Debate


  • Photo by Jon Gitchoff

If you happen to find yourself with a hankering for a Big Mac or a Chalupa or some other form of corporately marketed garbage food this weekend, you might want to time your gluttony appropriately. On Sunday, just in time for the presidential debate being held here in St. Louis, fast-food employees are planning a walk-out.

The effort is part of the ongoing "Fight for $15" movement, which aims to raise the wages of fast-food employees and other low-paid workers to $15 an hour. Following the walk-out, the workers will protest outside of Washington University, the site of this week's debate.

"Thousands of workers, from the St. Louis region and beyond, will wage a major protest outside the second presidential debate at Washington University Sunday, demanding $15 and union rights and calling for both candidates to address the issues facing workers and families," reads a press release sent out on Thursday afternoon. 

A range of local protest groups and organizations including Show Me $15, CAIR-Missouri, the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Organization for Black Struggle will demonstrate outside of Wash U's grounds, rallying around the slogans "Say No to Hate" and "Come Get Our Vote." In addition to higher wages, the coalition will protest for "education equity, immigration reform, environmental justice, racial justice, criminal justice reform and reproductive rights."

The press release claims that Sunday's demonstration is just "the latest in a wave of strikes to hit debates throughout the presidential campaign."

The group intends to meet in the parking lot at the corner of Kingsland Avenue and Loop North at 5 p.m. on Sunday. Plan your shameful snacking accordingly.