These Are the Jobs That Earn Big Bucks in St. Louis


So you want that dream car. Or that lavish vacation. Or, heck, you just want to pay off that last bill so you can stop living off ramen (the college kid kind, not the trendy restaurant stuff). What high-earning jobs in St. Louis are likely to make your fantasies a reality?

Earlier this month, the data nerds at the career website dug deep into the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the answer to that burning question. After looking at statistics for St. Louis' 610 job classifications, they compiled a list of the 100 careers that earn the most in the Gateway City.

Who made the top of the list? General internalists. According to the study, there are only 80 of them in St. Louis. They cash in an average salary of $264,480, with an estimated starting salary of $175,310.

Second place on the list were St. Louis' 350 anesthesiologists, who earn an average salary of $256,100. Behind them were physicians and surgeons, podiatrists and general dentists.


Interestingly, sales managers and marketing managers squeaked into all those science- and medicine-related high earners — both reportedly earned more than $135,000 annually. 

We obviously entered the wrong profession; journalist didn't crack the top 100.

Take a look at the full list here