Now Jason Kander Is Proving His Gun Cred — Blindfolded


  • via YouTube
Jason Kander. Former U.S. Army Captain. Democrat running for U.S. Senate.   

Good with his hands. 

Many people are saying nice things about this ad. The Washington Post dubbed the spot possibly "the best ad of the election so far." 

We agree! The ad works as an effective counter-punch to incumbent Senator Roy Blunt, who is criticizing Kander for his stance on Second Amendment rights.

The title of the ad, "Background Checks," alludes to Kander's argument that you can be pro-gun rights even while wanting to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists. And the ad's conclusion, where Kander removes his blindfold and stares into the camera while grasping his fully assembled AR-15, deadpanning, "I approve this message, because I would like to see Sen. Blunt do this" — that's a mic drop right there, folks.

The National Rifle Association, which released an attack ad targeting Kander earlier this month, is not so impressed. But really: Can Wayne LaPierre assemble a gun with his eyes closed? If not, why would anyone ever trust him with anything?

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