Hi-Pointe, Creve Coeur Top Lists of Best Places to Live in St. Louis


If you're looking for a safe neighborhood with well-educated residents, short commutes to work and A+ access to nightlife, you might want to think about moving to St. Louis' Hi-Pointe neighborhood.

Oh, and did we mention you'll have access to a great movie theater, too?

The neighborhood, which shares its name with the glorious (and gloriously remodeled) Hi-Pointe Theater, tops a recent list from the website Niche, which aimed to scientifically determine the best neighborhoods in St. Louis, as well as its top suburbs.

The list skews heavily toward the southwest end of the city, which we have to assume has something to do with its proximity to hoity-toity suburbs like Clayton, but overall the site's analysis incorporates a wealth of quantitative measures, from education to diversity to cost of living.

Hi-Pointe earned high marks for its access to bars, restaurants and other amenities. Among other things, it's close to the Delmar Loop, Clayton and the Cheshire Hotel, which boasts two of the area's best restaurants, Boundary and Basso. The site also gave it an A-minus for its percentage of residents who boast at least a bachelor's degree and a A-minus for its relatively short commutes. A large percentage of residents who take public transportation boosted that rating, too.

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Tops in St. Louis County? None other than Creve Coeur, the mid-county suburb known for its incredible safety and good schools.

See below for the top 10 finishers on each list.

City Neighborhoods
1. Hi-Pointe
2. Debaliviere Place
3. Cheltenham
4. Wydown-Skinker
5. Franz Park
6. Clayton-Tamm
7. Clifton Heights
8. Southwest Garden
9. Ellendale
10. Kosciusko

St. Louis Suburbs
1. Creve Coeur
2. Clayton
3. Richmond Heights
4. Olivette
5. Brentwood
6. Kirkwood
7. Clarkson Valley
8. Webster Groves
9. Chesterfield
10. Maryland Heights

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