Tower Grove Park is About to Get a Bird-Friendly Upgrade


  • Photo courtesy of Tower Grove Park.
Get ready for lots of bird watching in Tower Grove Park this summer.

Installations begin today on a new, sustainable waterfall in the Gaddy Bird Garden on the northwest side of the park, nearest to Kingshighway and Magnolia. This addition is largely in thanks to the Caroline Laughlin Fund, which donated $15,000 toward the project. It's expected to be complete on Friday — which means you can start enjoying the view this weekend. 

The new waterfall will be designed to not only attract birds, but also give them a water source throughout three seasons. With wide, shallow, slow-moving areas for birds to interact, plus several outcropping boulders to help retain the soil, it basically sounds like bird paradise.

For those who have failed to wander to this 
  • Photo courtesy of Tower Grove Park.
particular end of the park, the Gaddy Bird Garden is an area designated as a natural bird refuge by the National Audubon Society. An estimated 4,900 bird watchers visit the garden each year, making it one of the major St. Louis spots for nature aficionados. 

This isn't the only improvement made in Tower Grove Park this year — nor is it the only improvement that will support bird life. The St. Louis Audubon Society and the Webster Groves Nature Study Society have spearheaded some major projects, including the restoration of the woodland area back in January. Invasive brush was removed, the timber stand was improved to refine the canopy structure, and more native plants that support bird habitat were planted. In March, new trees that will attract numerous bird species were also planted. 

So grab your binoculars and head to Tower Grove Park — the birds might be especially happy this summer.