St. Louis Is the Murder Capital of Missouri


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When it comes to murder in Missouri, there's no area more dangerous than greater St. Louis. 

That's the conclusion of the website RoadSnacks, which crunched the numbers for 2014 and found that St. Louis and its suburbs far surpass the Kansas City area in homicide. 

St. Louis notched the highest spot on the list, and two suburbs, Wellston and Northwoods, also made the top five. Our big-city neighbor to the west wasn't even close: Kansas City was No. 5, and its metro area scored its only other spot on the list at No. 10, which went to the suburb of Grandview. The bootheel, it turns out, is much more dangerous.

A bit about the methodology: The study looked at both the total number of murders in any given city and the number as adjusted for population. According to the authors, "We felt as if a small place with 2,500 people and two murders makes it a lot more dangerous than a city of 25,000 people with one murder." 

For anyone who wants to argue that the city/county split artificially inflated St. Louis' homicide totals, keep in mind it could have been even worse. The study surveys a time before the homicide rate spiked, in 2015. Expect an equally grim conclusion for 2015.

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While St. Louis had the highest number of murders, and finished highest overall in the study's methodology, honors for the highest murder rate per capita went to Wellston. With a population of just 2,337, the north-county suburb still recorded the fourth highest total of murders in the state. Chances of being murdered in Wellston, according to RoadSnacks? One in 389. In St. Louis, it's just one in 2,003.

Here are the top 10 cities for murder in Missouri, per RoadSnacks.

1. St. Louis
2. Wellston
3. Northwoods
4. Charleston
5. Pacific
6. Kansas City
7. Doniphan
8. Kennett
9. Willow Springs
10. Grandview

Stay safe out there.

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