St. Louis Radio Veteran Vic Porcelli Seeks GoFundMe Assistance


St. Louis radio host Vic Porcelli and his wife, Jessica. - JESSICA GRAYE PORCELLI / GOFUNDME
  • Jessica Graye Porcelli / GoFundMe
  • St. Louis radio host Vic Porcelli and his wife, Jessica.

Life has hit Vic Porcelli and his family hard, and more than once. This time around, though, they need your help — and are using GoFundMe in hopes you may lend a hand.  

The voice of "Porcelli's Deli" and other St. Louis radio shows over the years, Porcelli was let go from his job at CBS due to cutbacks this past July. Since then, he's worked to find employment, but being a veteran in a field with limited job opportunities has hurt him. Home Depot, Jimmy Johns, Domino's Pizza, Costco — his wife, Jessica, writes that he's applied. But with more than three decades in the radio industry, Porcelli has found that other employers haven't wanted to take him on.

Jessica Porcelli details the hard times on the crowd-funding page.

"He has supported so many charities, and given so much joy to so many over the years, solely out of his kindness, it breaks my heart to know that the only thing he wants to do is make sure his family is provided for," she writes.

In November, without warning, Jessica Porcelli also lost her job as a BSN/Case Manager for "caring too much" for her patients and "working too hard," she writes. Her 1999 Toyota Camry gave out, and their 2002 Jeep is also "undriveable." Jessica also suffers from Graves Disease, which keeps her from working in  "floor" nursing and needing to work case management or home health — which, of course, would require a car. 

Jessica Porcelli created the campaign on on Monday, writing that begging isn't her strong suit. As she explains,

"Neither of us had ever been 'fired' from a job before all this. Devastated would be an understatement. We've survived nine years, on one-fourth of our original income, and we were just getting on our feet, now this. We've learned to minimize, economize, go without, but with nothing, but with nothing, even that isn't an option."

Their GoFundMe goal is $10,000, and $7,000 has been raised at this time. Check out the link to the campaign for more information.

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