Oh Hells Yeah: The RFT Is Getting Staples


Last week's issue — isn't it pretty?
  • Last week's issue — isn't it pretty?

So first you were complaining that you wanted Savage Love back. 

We brought Savage Love back.

Then a bunch of you were complaining that we'd killed the "Guess Where I'm Eating" column — and so even though the contest is a complete pain in the neck (how'd you like to use your free time to track down snail mail addresses for people who go by names like Super MegaChoad? or Flying Cheese Weasel?), we brought that back too.

Then we heard that you really, really wished the print edition had staples. Easier to read, you said. Better to hold.

We're taking care of that too. 

We stapled last week's issue for the first time in quite some time, and we liked how it looked — so going forward, we'll be stapling every issue.

We have other changes in the works ... big changes. But we've never liked over-promising, so we'll wait until we're ready to explain the details to tell you more.

In the mean time, enjoy reading an RFT where the pages don't fly away. And if there's ever anything else you want to ask for, well, we've proven ourselves a pretty soft touch in recent months. Go ahead and ask already.

Sarah Fenske is the editor of the Riverfront Times. Contact her via email at sarah.fenske@riverfronttimes.com or follow her on Twitter @sarahfenske.