How to Send Story Tips to the Riverfront Times



We know St. Louis has a love-hate relationship with the Riverfront Times.

You love when we call out government officials for sentencing a man to life in prison for non-violent marijuana offenses or for forgetting to send a convicted man to prison for his entire thirteen-year sentence. You love when we alert you to hilariously shaped weather maps or write pickup lines tailored to your civic pride. You also love to take full advantage of our uncensored comments sections. (And we love that about you.)

We also know you hate it when we're not covering stories and topics that matter the most to you. That's why we're asking for your help.

The best way to send story ideas to Daily RFT, the Riverfront Times' news blog, is to email blog editor Lindsay Toler at If you're in doubt, that's when you reach out.

Sure, we're constantly scanning the interwebz for the latest scoop on St. Louis, and when we're not online, we're reporting from courtrooms, cop cars, flying trapezes, world headquarters, quarries, people's living rooms and more. But because we can't be everywhere at once, we rely on the tipsters who alert us to stories that desperately deserve to be covered.

We're all about St. Louis, and our tipsters holler at us when they spot a local story or a state/national story with strong St. Louis ties.

Think you've got a good news tip for the RFT? Know of a story that's not getting enough play in the mainstream media? Is someone in your neighborhood doing something terrible/wonderful we should know about? Did you find something that made you say, "Oh, that is so St. Louis" that deserves to be shared with our fair city?

Let us know so we can spread the word. Some of our favorite story ideas have come from people like you, and we can't wait to write our next big story -- with your help.

Follow Lindsay Toler on Twitter at @StLouisLindsay. E-mail the author at