The 14 Best Obligatory First Day of Snow Photos from St. Louis


Wow, St. Louis, is it already time for snow? - JEFFERSON NATIONAL EXPANSION MEMORIAL, NPS

OMG! SNOW! It's snow, St. Louis!

River City tends to freak out a little on the first official day of snow, though this year's snowfall comes a little earlier than expected. Pockets of the region saw between one and three inches of powder fall from the sky -- even with a week and a half to go before Thanksgiving.

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Clearly, no one was ready for snow so early this year.

I think the marigolds are done ... #WinterIsHere #stlwx #backyardgarden #TooEarly

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Although some are using the early snow to jump-start their holiday decorating. Here's how snow looked on the Arch (if you can spot it!)... Washington University... Forest Park... ...and Lafayette Square. There's something about how snow balances on thin tree limbs that's almost magical.

Obligatory 1st Snow Pic. #snow #stlwx

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Hello, Winter! #stlwx

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While it's not quite time for snow angels yet...

Jack enjoying the first real snow of the year. #stlwx

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... we are totally down for a romp through the snow, as is Dash the cat. But mostly, we agree with whoever wrote this. Time to wrap ourselves back up in that blanket:

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